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Winning the War in Your Mind Study

Join us for a study on Winning the War in Your Mind  by Craig Groeschel beginning April 28th.

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Are your thoughts out of control- just like your life? Do you long to break free from the spiral of destructive thinking? Let God's truth become your battle plan to win the war in your mind! We've all tried to think our way out of bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns, only to find ourselves stuck with an out-of-control mind and off-track daily life. Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands deeply this daily battle against self-doubt and negative thinking, and in this powerful new book he reveals the strategies he's discovered to change your mind and your life for the long-term.

This study offers small groups for an opportunity to discuss the book and learn from one another. If you need a group to join, we have one for you! Check the list below.

Questions? E-mail Leslie, our Director of Connections at

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